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Tub [Quick Ship]

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Compare Tub to a cloud of down or a foamy mug of beer.
Jens Juul Eilersen has created a gigantic "sofa bathtub", which is an orgy of soft foam, down and pillows. Tub is the coolest and softest sofa yet in the Eilersen universe of floaters. And the contrast between the slim, tight outer shell and the interior heaven of foam and down creates dynamism in the language of form.
Like sitting on a soft bed.
"My goal was to create a well-being sofa where you can sit as if on a soft bed. And I succeeded! I actually fell asleep the first time I leaned back into the prototype, which was the deepest version," tells Jens Juul Eilersen. "When I woke up, I could certainly see that I had to develop a variation of the model in which people could stay awake". This resulted in a further 2 different depths where you sit more upright but still comfortably. Compared to Eilersen's other floater, Tub differentiates itself by the frame. Tub does not have a heavy frame, which is part of the comfort. But on the other hand a thin shell, which keeps the large, soft pillows in place. Externally, the lines are straight and tight and internally, the upholstery and pillows result in organic lines.
"The entire sitting comfort in Tub lies in the foam, which seems softer due to the large depth. This provides a feeling of elevation and larger submersion than in any of our other sofas. It is actually just like sitting in a large mug of foaming beer or on a cloud of down" says Jens Juul Eilersen who promises that even though Tub is soft, inviting and provoking, it cannot become flat. Tub is available in three depths and the series contains corner, end and centre sections, which can be combined as desired.

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4.5" x 1.6" x 0.8", SLANTED-LEGS IN BRUSHED


· Dimensions: 94 1/2" x 37"
· Arm height: 23"
· Arm width: 2 ¾"
· Arm cushion width: 7 ½"
· Total depth (frame): 37" / 41"
· Seat depth: 26 ¾" / 30 ¾"
· Seat height: 15 ¾"
· Total height (frame): 23"


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Our Story

Our Story

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