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The iconic Ekstrem challenges conventional furniture, while still providing unparalleled comfort. A throwback to the eccentric 80s, the unexpected geometrics allow you to sit forward with feet on the ground, sideways with legs calmly placed on the armrests, or completely backwards with the front of the torso against the chair’s back. The Ekstrem is an ideal piece to spice up any interior.
Designer: Terje Ekstrøm

Ekstrem is an open framework constructed of fabric-covered foam over a steel frame. The chair consists of two identical mirror-facing steel frames which are covered by polyurethane foam.

This provides a soft support layer covering all surfaces of the chair. A woolen knitted fabric is then manually fitted to the intricate cylinder forms.

Finally, the two parts are carefully assembled together resulting in an extraordinarily eye-catching piece of furniture.

Designer: Terje Ekstrøm


KNIT – 90% Wool, 10% Polyester

Weight: 33 lbs

Dimensions: 28.3" x 27.6" x 31.1"

Fabrics: Black, Gray Violet, Shaded Spruce, Port, Sulphur, Bridge Orange

Currently in Quick ship:  Ekstrem in black, grey violet and yellow knits!

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