Thatsit™ balans®

$ 899.00


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22in x 36.25in x 36.50–40.50in, Seat Height 20in

With its concave backrest and curved wooden runners, Thatsit creates balance in all postures. Whether at home or in the office, Thatsit is an ideal work chair and is designed for seamless transitions between different positions. The chair invites you to lean in when focusing on a task or lean back when contemplating your next great idea. Thatsit is adjustable, allowing you to find the setting that best supports you.


  • Kneepads, seat and backrest depth and height adjustable
  • Backrest enhances stretching and deep breathing
  • Large seat and backrest for increased comfort
  • Flexible runners offer increased movement
  • Kneepads to keep from sliding and to rest feet in back positions
  • Suitable for children and adults 
  • Follows natural body movement 
  • Promotes natural, upright posture 
  • Prevents tension in neck and shoulders 
  • Strengthens core and abdominal muscles 
  • Enhances deep breathing
  • Improves concentration through increased blood circulation and oxygen supply 
  • Energizes and combats tiredness 
  • Reduces pressure on vertebral discs


Balance in all postures 

Acting as an advancement on the iconic Variable, Thatsit features a wider seat, a fixed backrest, adjustable in both height and depth, in addition to adjustable shin rests. The characteristic winged back is a perfect spot to rest your elbow or turn all the way around and lean your torso against it for variation and new perspectives. 

Thatsit is available in a natural or black finish, and a wide range of upholstery fabrics and colors. The wooden runners are made from layers of beech and ash plywood, which are laminated and given their characteristic shape through the application of heat and pressure. This traditional wood-working technique allows for extreme shapes that endure continuous pressure. Enabling us to craft functional furniture based on creative designs, without the constraints warranted when using solid wood. The seat, back- and shin rests are molded to provide optimal comfort. Ensuring a seating experience that is both supportive and dynamic.

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