A lot has changed since Eilersen’s story began back in 1895, but our founding principle has always stayed the same – to comfort you and bring beauty to your world. It all began with a horse-drawn carriage. In 1895 the young Niels Eilersen started out as a coach-builder. To make his wheels, he was the first person in Denmark to use steam to bend wood. And when cars eventually ran horse-drawn carriages off the road, Eilersen started making handmade bodies for cars and buses.

The Playground Sofa

The Playground Sofa is created to satisfy the need for combining sofa and bed. 

The Baseline Sofa

The Baseline Sofa is the epitome of quality, comfort, and classic design. Plus double the flexibility. With its stylistically consistent simplicity, the Baseline sofa glides effortlessly into any interior. 


Gus Modern

The Gus* Modern Collection, comprised of upholstered seating, dining, beds, accents, lighting, rugs, and accessories.

By purchasing Gus* products from our store, you’ll be provided with a 10-year warranty on the frame and spring, as well as a 1-year warranty on the foam and fabric. Many Gus* products are FSC-wood certified and many of their cushions are PET-certified.

Visit our showroom at 820 Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn to see and try out the Gus* collection for yourself!
Please note:  all Gus* Modern items are subject to 8% shipping fee.




Innovation Living


We are proud to be able to call Innovation Living ™ A renowned sofa bed specialist. You can rest assure that you will be sleeping on a high quality product with sustainability and comfort in mind. Innovation offers a 5 year warranty on all sofas and chairs.

Sustainable practices


We are putting our sustainable beliefs into action:

By planting at least 10K new trees every year we contribute to the balance of the global ecosystem. We always seek to produce at a better price, but not at any price! As an international company, we see it as our duty to apply sustainable practices to contribute to better working conditions and a cleaner environment for everyone.


Supporting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for a more sustainable future.

SGD12 AND SGD13 Climate Action: We plant trees.

SGD12, Responsible Consumption and Production: We help reduce pollution as all recyclable waste like cardboard, plastic, iron and metal is separated and used in other productions. Residual, combustible waste is incinerated in low pollution plants. Packaging is reduced to the minimum needed for safe transportation.


Pocket Spring

The individual pockets coils in these models ensure that pressure is applied to each individual spring for better support in seating as well as resting position. The high resilient foam casing contributes to a breathable structure while providing a soft top comfort.

The following models have this comfort:
Cassius Quilt Deluxe, Magala Lounger, Recast Plus, Unfurl, Unfurl Lounger & Zeal.

Pocket Spring Dual 

The Pocket Spring Dual comfort share the general composition of the Pocket Spring models apart from the extra layer of hyper soft foam that gives these sofa beds an extra soft feel. This extra layer of luxury provides a soft seating comfort as well as a mattress recommended for everyday use.

The following models have this comfort:
Otris, Walis, Dublexo, Frode, Osvald & Tripi.

Dual Memory

The Dual Memory mattress features two comforts in one as the mattress is reversible with one side consisting of an 3 1/4" high density foam whilst the other side consists of 1 1/2" Oeko-Tex certified memory foam. Whether you prefer soft or firm comfort this mattress offers both. Further, the cover is removable and can be washed at 140°F / 60° C.

Available for: Eivor & Killian


Excess Pocket Spring

The higher coils in the Excess Pocket Spring models provide a softer sofa comfort. In combination with the core foam casing, the Excess structure has a higher absorption of pressure on each spring for a more comfortable rest.

The following models have this comfort:
Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger, Long Horn Deluxe Excess, Supremax Deluxe Excess Lounger, Ran Deluxe Excess Lounger & Grand Deluxe Excess Lounger.

No-zag Spring

The No-zag Spring provides an even and soft comfort ideal for sofa seats and backrests. The thick layer of high resilient foam enhances the comfort of the spring to ensure a great rrsting experience as well.

The following models have this comfort:
Cubed 02 & Salla.

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company with the mission to create original and innovative products in a simple and contemporary design that withstands the test of time. Or in other words, to challenge conventional thinking and make the ordinary extraordinary through great design.
Established in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, the Normann Copenhagen brand encompasses a wide and continuously growing collection of furniture, lighting, textiles and home accessories. The products are sold in more than 80 countries throughout the world and have collected more than 80 design awards along the way.


Four Hands Furnishing Style

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